Everyday Tools I use for my business & life

I’m always curious to know what tools other entrepreneurs or content creators are using on a day to day basis. If it’s listed below, it’s a product I not only use but highly recommend.

First Things First: Please Read Before Proceeding

#1: These Are Affiliate Links

Yes, many of the links to products and services listed below and throughout my site are affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase, I will earn a commission.

#2: There is No Extra Fee

Any commission I may earn comes at no additional cost to you.

#3: This is a Great Way to Support My Projects*

Affiliate income is one of the ways I make money, which allows me to keep creating content. *However, only purchase them if you believe they will also benefit your life.

#4: I Only Share Things I Use

No affiliate income is worth sacrificing my reputation. If it’s on this list, it’s because I use it and it makes my life better.


DESIGN IT—Elegant Themes (DIVI)

Every website you see me create has been built using the DIVI theme from Elegant Themes. I purchased the Lifetime Membership years ago and it has paid for itself many times over.

The best part about DIVI (and all Elegant Themes products) is that you don’t need to know how to code in order to make a great looking website. With the built-in starter packs, you can have an awesome looking website up and running within a few hours!

HOST IT—SiteGround

I currently have nearly a dozen sites all being hosted on my GoGeek plan at SiteGround. Hosting can be a bit complex at times, but SiteGround provides all of the tools needed to host your website without all the constant marketing of upsells.

I especially like the FREE SSL certificates!


While I use SiteGround to host all of my personal site, for business clients I always recommend WP Engine. Why? They make is so easy to keep the sites up to date and feature top of the line security by default.

If you’re looking for the easiest way to maintain your site, go with WP Engine.

GET YOUR DOMAIN—Google Domains

I’m not an affiliate, but I love the hell out of Google Domains. Once I learned that they offer private domain registrations without adding fees, I was hooked!


Website accessibility is not something that was even remotely on my radar. To be honest, I probably just ignored it as it “sounded difficult”.

Then, I had a client reach out and I began doing research and came across accessiBe. It’s now something I highly recommend to all of my business clients. With just a few lines of code (I’m happy to help you install), your site will become much more widely accessible.