I’m always looking to push myself to try out new ideas or approaches to see how they might improve my life. Projects are my way of documenting the process.

Project Goals

Sharing what I learn along the way is a win/win. I develop a deeper understanding of the topic and hopefully, my sharing helps someone else as well.

Project Design

I use a very similar framework for each project in order to best serve the audience as well as to assist in meeting my personal goals. Projects consist of free content, affiliate products that have helped me, courses/training, and coaching/consulting.


These are the projects I’m currently most involved and engaged in.

After Gambling Blog & Podcast

For many years, I tried to quit gambling on my own. I could quit for short stretches—and even made it nine months at one point—but would eventually relapse and end up in even worse condition than before financially and emotionally.

Now, I haven’t gambled since July 15th of 2010.

I created this website and podcast as a resource to help address the growing issue of compulsive gambling. It’s not only for those struggling with gambling addiction personally, but also for loved ones and others that help compulsive gamblers as therapists or advocates.

Preshrunk Ltd.

As the name might suggest, Preshrunk was founded as a supplier of custom apparel for corporate and school clients.

In addition to apparel, Preshrunk provides clients with a platform to tell their brand story through web design & development, branded merchandise and accompanying sales literature.


These are the projects I’d like to invest more time in developing some day in the future.