Decide what you want to be and make choices that lead to that end goal.

So what the hell happens?


Yeah, that magical thing called our brain decides to start firing off signals. It shoots off fears, doubt, and directs us to alternative “safer” paths to travel.

And these “safer” paths are rarely—if ever—are headed in the same direction as our goals.

After several decades stuck in this hamster wheel, I’m committing to change and this website (along with my other projects) is where I’ll be tracking my progress and most importantly bringing needed accountability into my life.

This is all about me, but I’d love to have you join me along the way.

“Everything you need to do to transform your life is easy to do. But it’s just as easy not to do.” — jeff olson, tHE SLIGHT EDGE


I love sports and spending time with my family.

Sports + Leisure

I’ve always been extremely competitive and sports was a great way to push myself.

Podcaster & Blogger

As someone who has suffered from mental health issues, I’m passionate about increasing awareness for mental health.

Mental Health Awareness

It’s impossible to see the invisible. That’s the struggle as we look to better understand mental health issues.

The only way to learn more is for those impacted to share their stories. That’s where my projects come in to fill the knowledge gap.


Aside from a brief Astronaut phase in 2nd grade, I’ve always wanted to build businesses and work for myself. I’ve failed many times, but I’ve learned from each experience and those teachings will be the root of my future success.

Advertising & Marketing

I’m obsessed with all things advertising, marketing and branding.

Change is the only constant in the field, and I love the challenge of creating new and better campaigns.







I no longer seek out excess. I like nice things, but would rather focus on quality rather than quantity. Less, but more.


The practice of continuous improvement is something that fascinates and drives me. There's always something that can be improved and I'm always looking for new and improved ways of doing things. 


I can easily get caught up in other things and miss out on the present moment (which is the only moment that matters). I'm trying to be more mindful and being present.

Regret Sucks

Regret is unavoidable and I'll make more decisions in life that I will come to regret. However, I want to use regret as my litmus test for what I should and shouldn't do with my life.

We're All Dying

This isn't meant to be a depressing reminder, but rather a freeing one. It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day business and forget that tomorrow isn't promised. We're all dying. Let's remember to live.

Failure Beats Inaction

The worst type of failure is a lack of action. Taking a risk and failing is the best way to learn. The universe rewards action.