2018 Reflection and My Keyword for 2019

by | Dec 31, 2018 | Addiction, Journal, Mental Health


Looking back on 2018, it was a great year in so many ways.

But there was one consistent theme throughout that I struggled with and which was the root of much anxiety. Balance.

Yes, the big downer was that no matter what I was doing, I always felt like I should be doing something else. I couldn’t shake the feeling and it seemed the various pieces of my life never seemed to match up.

From James Clear, I’ve been introduced to The Four Burners Theory. It’s proven very true in my day to day life. In order to increase my output in one area, I’m forced to decrease output in another. I don’t like it, but it’s reality.


In 2019, my goal is to use better planning to allow myself to spend more time in “flow”.

Flow is the state where things come easy. In sports, we call it being “in the zone”. We block outside noise and are so focused on the task at hand.

I’ll be using many of the principles learned in Getting Things Done to achieve this state of flow.

https://gettingthingsdone.com/IMPROVED PLANNING

I’ve never been much of a planner and it’s likely a root cause of much of my angst. For 2019, I’m adding a monthly planner to my routine. I’ve tried digital calendars (and will continue to use one), but I think having the physical planner will help make events even more real.


As part of my commitment to better planning, I’m going to adopt a key component Gary Vaynerchuk uses in his life: Working In Extremes. Whatever burner I have turned on, I’m going to turn it all the way up while also turning all other areas off.

By working in extremes, I believe I’ll get more done when I’m “on” compared to splitting focus.


In 2018, I began speaking my mind a lot more. In the past, I’ve always chosen keeping the peace over diving into topics that might be uncomfortable or that could cause someone to be upset with me.

It wasn’t always fun in the moment, but I believe it’s been a huge part of my growth. I’m committed to building upon this momentum in 2019.


I really enjoy studying Buddhist teachings. I have no intention of becoming a Buddhist, but I think there is a lot to learn and have seen positive impacts on my life from following Buddhist principles.

In 2019 I’m going to make meditation and being more engaged with each moment a priority.

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