Hey there!

I’m Jamie and this is my little space on the web to share the things that interest me as I wander around this spinning rock.

So…what are those things? My current list includes:

  • physical fitness/health
  • smiling a bit more
  • flow state
  • financial flexibility
  • growing a YouTube channel
  • coaching
  • systems & automation
  • reducing problem gambling harm

Take a look at my current projects to see what I’m currently interested in.

While we are more connected than ever, I believe the world needs more vulnerability.
This is my contribution.

my projects

In publishing these personal projects, I hope to help others who might be facing similar issues in their lives. We are all alone with our struggles until someone shares their story and reminds us that we aren’t weird, different or alone.

Inspiration & Courage

This series of projects has been greatly inspired by the work of so many people. I’m grateful for their work and would encourage you to seek them out in your personal growth and development journey.


Reading has been a huge part of my continued growth as a person. Check out some of the books that I have found most valuable.